Reading Room

The library has three reading rooms i.e. One for teachers and other for students.

Reading Room Capacity
For Teachers 15
For Research Scholars (Proposed) 20
For Students 100

Instructions for Use of Reading Rooms:

  1. Pin drop silence and peace is supposed to be observed in the Reading Rooms. Conversation and discussion disturbs library ambiance. Therefore, all are requested to maintain dignified silence.
  2. Use of mobile phones, smoking, refreshment, or food items of any kind inside the library is not allowed and strictly prohibited.
  3. The library will not hold any responsibility for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the users.
  4. Before leaving the library, readers shall return all the books/magazines/newspapers taken for casual reading back to the assistant at the issue counter.
  5. Every reader entering in the reading room is required to sign in Visiting Register.