Aims & Objectives


The library aims to form an integral component of teaching-learning pedagogy by reforming itself as intellectual hub providing an important platform for academic discourse and exchanges. The library holds about 30700+ books, 786+ journal issues, 24 CDs/DVDs, 195000+ e-books (from NLIST & DELNET), 5000+ fulltext e-journals from DELNET and 6200+ fulltext e-journals from NLIST (as on 31 March 2022).


  • To acquire, organize and update the library collection to provide more productive environment for teaching and learning
  • To acquire innovative technologies and tools to improve user oriented services
  • To improve the capabilities and potentials of library staff to provide more effective and responsive library services
  • To improve the standard and reputation of the college through excellence in library services
  • To provide instruction and assistance in effective teaching and learning process
  • To provide information literacy to the faculties and students for effective use of information resources and services